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Through Siberia by Accident


Through Siberia by Accident is a book about a journey that didn't happen -- and what happened instead.Dervla Murphy never had any intention of spending three months in the vast territories of Siberia. Instead she had planned to go to Ussuriland, because it appealed to her as a place free from tourism. But by accident, or rather because she had an accident - a painful leg injury -, she found herself stymied in Eastern Siberia, a place she knew very little about. Although hardly able to walk, her subsequent experiences, in an unexpected place, and in an incapacitated state, provided many pleasant surprises. Above all she was struck by the extraordinary hospitality, generosity and helpfulness of the Siberians who made this strange phenomenon -- a maimed Irish babushka -- so welcome in their towns and homes.This book is an extraordinary story of fortitude and resourcefulness as Dervla Murphy finds friendship and culture in a seemingly monotonous, bleak and inhospitable place far from what we know as 'civilised'.

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Cordee Code: CNT029
Author: Dervla Murphy
No of Pages: 320
Page Size: 129 x 199 mm
ISBN 10: 0719566649
ISBN 13: 9780719566646
Publisher: John Murray
Published Date: January 2006
Edition: 1st , Jan-2006
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 230g

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