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Kazakhstan - Heart of Asia Map Pack


Kazakhstan has been called the "Crossroads of Eurasia", its geographical location in central Asia placing it astride both Occidental and Oriental worlds, its history filled with millenia of human migration and invasion from all points of the compass. More significantly,however, in today's world it suits this inclusive term equally well both politically and in terms of commerce and industry.

Blessed with vast reserves of oil, natural gas, uranium and a host of other minerla deposits Kazakhstan is led by an astute, foresighted and secular government, and has emerged as Central Asia's most stable, forward looking nation. It is an important exporter of oil and natural gas to Russia, China and the European market, and it's the worlds top producer of Uranium. Business is booming in a wide range of industries, from energy and mining to finance, high technology and environmental research and development. Kazakhstan - Heart of Eurasia provides a brief but informative introduction to the countrys business and tourism potential.

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Cordee Code: CMW728
Page Size: 125 x 245 mm
Publisher: Airphoto Int (Odyssey Guides)
Edition: 2015
Binding: Map and Guide
Illustrations: 1:7,000,000 map and 80 page guide
Weight: 330g

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