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7 Summits

1 Cornishman climbing the highest mountains on each continen


Most of us can watch an old episode of the holiday programme Wish You Were Here without it having the life-changing effect that it had on postman Edward Buckingham. For Ed, a young man from humble origins in Cornwall, the draw of Kilimanjaro and the high mountains of the world would change his life forever. It would also very nearly end his life during a fall from high on Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world.

Drawn to high places, Ed embarked on a journey that would take him to the summit of the highest mountain on every continent. His seven summits actually involved ten summits - he climbed the highest summit in Western Europe, Mont Blanc, and the highest in Continental Europe, Mount Elbrus, as well as summiting Australia's Mount Kosciusko and the far more remote Papua New Guinea summit of Carstenz Pyramid, the highest point in Australasia. And, of course, Cho Oyu.

In 7 Summits, Ed tells of hardship and near-death experiences on Cho Oyu, the sheer scale and suffering in being the first Cornishman to ascend Everest, as well as his final summit, Mount Vinson in Antarctica. Ed develops as a man throughout his quest. Always humble, working hard for the Royal Mail delivering post to fund his trips, on his early trip to Aconcagua and on his first attempt on Mont Blanc he is very much a novice mountaineer, but his passion for the outdoors and willingness to help his fellow climbers is always there. During his fifteen-year quest Ed's experience grows, particularly in the sub-Arctic of Alaska, where his ascent of Denali tested his stamina and equipment to the limit. At the culmination of his quest, he emerges as a capable climber, fit and strong and by sheer determination has become a world-class athlete, running full and ultra marathons, climbing mountains and delivering post.

Edward Buckingham was born and raised in Cornwall, where he still lives and works today. He was the first Cornishman to climb the highest summit on each of the world's seven continents, and he is probably the first postman to achieve this amazing feat. Edward is as proud of his mountaineering achievements as he is of his twenty-six years working for the Royal Mail. He was awarded the Cornish Gorsedh award for Exceptional Endeavour in 2013 in recognition of being the first person to raise the St Piran's Cornish flag on the summit of Everest. If nothing else Edward is an inspiration in how far a bit of motivation and a lot of determination can take one person. 7 Summits is his first book. Find our more about Ed at

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Cordee Code: CNS142
Author: Ed Buckingham
No of Pages: 184
Page Size: 156 x 234 mm
ISBN 10: 1909461490
ISBN 13: 9781909461499
Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing
Published Date: February 2016
Edition: 1st ed, Feb 2016
Binding: Paperback (flapped)
Illustrations: 12 pages of colour photos
Weight: 360g

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